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 Second hand machines 

 Please find below the available machines as second hand.

All machines are in the conditions as described. 


    BORGHI - A2P/CNC tufting machine, 4 axes,


Posted : 20.10.2011   


BORGHI A2P/CNC 4 AXES Drilling Tufting machine for brushes and brooms

  • Borghi brand, Made in Italy

  • Production year: 2002

  • CNC Controlled, 4 axes

  • including carriage for radial flat brushes and brooms

  • including carriage for WC brushes

  • with 2 filling tools, size 35

  • with 3 drilling units

  • In working condition

  • Those who are interested can see the machine.

Price: Please contact to aliemin@uto.com.tr




    BOUCHERIE Tooth Brush making machine, Model TB42-FM/CNC,


Posted : 20.10.2011   



  • Boucherie brand, Made in Belgium

  • Production year: 1996, but worked just less one 3 years

  • CNC Controlled

  • Automatic handle loading

  • Automatic fiber loading system

  • Speed: 850 RPM, 25 mm stroke

  • including trimming and end rounding device

  •  Automatic transfer to blister packing machine (no blister making machine included)

  • In working condition

  • Weight: 4000 kgs

  • Those who are interested can see the machine in Tehran, Iran.

Price: Please contact to aliemin@uto.com.tr





Zahoransky Toothbrush machine 

  • Zahoransky brand, Made in Germany

  • CAM Operated

  • CAM and tooling for one model toothbrush

PRICE : To be negotiated

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You can send your inquiries about second hand machines to our dedicated e-mail: 




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