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Paggin / Italy

Established in 1951 by Giuseppe Paggin, the company P.G. Progettazioni Generali s.r.l. has started it's business manufacturing mixing machines for the brush and paint brush industry.

During the '60s and '70s a wide range of bristle processing machines has been developed and since the middle '80s a new line of automatic bundlers for wrapping the mixed filaments in bundles has been introduced to the market.

The current production of Paggin machines is divided in three main product lines:


Bristle Processing

The processing machines are addressed to the bristle processing factories and to those who wish to complete the material processing taking much care to the final quality.



Mixing machines/bundlers

The range of Paggin machines covers all mixing needs. All models of mixers can be equipped with automatic bundlers.

The mixing process, originally aimed to obtain a uniform quality and colour of bristles, horse hairs and fibres became more and more important in the last years in order to obtain synthetic mixtures of different formulations and characteristics, made with all kinds of synthetic filaments, available nowadays thanks to advanced technologies of production.

The range of Paggin machines covers all mixing needs, including mixers for fine hairs used for the artistic brushes and cosmetics, mixers for brush and paint brush filling materials, mixers for horsehairs, fibres and synthetics used for technical brushes. All the models of mixing machines can be equipped with automatic bundlers.




Paintbrush assembling

The Paggin range of machines has been recently enriched with new assembling machines for paint brushes, as the logical completion of the production program.


TPB Assembling machine for flat paintbrush heads, made with natural or synthetic bristles. Manual or automatic loading with H75. The material is laid horizontally on the conveying parts. Programmable dosing with electronic control. The ferrules are conveyed between rubber covered gear belts. Single or double plastic or cardboard centrepieces are inserted and cut at size. Insert coils retractile support carriage allowing easy access to the mechanic parts for maintenance.


PROCESSING MATERIALS / SIZES setola e fibre sintetiche da 44 mm a 114 mm (da 1-3/4 a 4 ) con ghiere da 1/2" a 5"
PRODUCTION up to 1200 pcs/h



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